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    I apologize for sending this out if it has been answered already. I've searched for over 4 hours. I followed all the steps to set up versamail to connect to my exchange server. Now when I sync I get the following error: "There was a problem syncing messages. SSL Error: No trusted root Update certificate authority list." and then if i press details, i get this "AirSAMStateMachine.c530 14721" I'm the closest thing our company has in relation to an IT department so there isn't anyone else for me to call. Does anyone know how I update the certificate authority list? where this list is? if the certificate already exists on our server or if i have to buy one? Any help would be greatly appreciated ... I've now spent the entire day trying to figure this out.
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    I unchecked the SSL box when i was setting up my email account and now it is syncing ... yippee!

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