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    I posted some of this a while back, but here's an updated version.

    Let me begin by apologizing to all of you who have had delivery and/or customer service issues. Seidio has had tremendous growth in the last year and it has definitely caused some growing pains. We are aware that we have some customer service issues and are working very hard to improve our customer satisfaction.

    Having said that let me say this. The Smartphone market is a very tough one. We work hard every day to produce products and get them to market very quickly. If you wait too long in this business your product will be obsolete and useless. We are very often the first company to market with a product and in many cases manufacture items that others emulate or never even attempt to build. Do we occasionally release a product without months and months of testing and later find a problem? Yes. If we didn't many times we'd be releasing products after your phones were discontinued. Do we have a few customers that fall through the cracks? Yes. We are also the company that gets these products to you faster than anyone so you have something to carry your new Treo 680 in. We will continue to create new and innovative products and get them to our thousands of satisfied customers. We will also work on improving the satisfaction of the smaller minority of customers that have problems or defective products.

    The reason that most companies don't frequent forums is because of some of the types of threads posted here. Does anyone honestly believe that other accessory companies have no complaints or issues? The fact of the matter is we've been here taking the good and the bad. That's the only way we as a company will learn and continue to lead this market. We would prefer constructive criticism as opposed to the "you suck" rhetoric, but to each his own.

    I will be monitoring these forums to answer questions and keep you informed of our latest products. I'll also be looking for product feedback so we can update and improve them. I will not be responding to shipping or customer service issues either on the forum or via PM.

    For individual customer service issues that aren't being handled or were never resolved to your satisfaction please contact Customer Service at 832-204-1118 and ask for Margaret. She is our Customer Service Manager and she will be happy to assist you.

    With the release of the new Treo 750 and 680 we are going to be very busy designing and manufacturing many different accessories for these and other Treos. For our happy customers, we thank you for your continued business. For our unhappy ones, we will continue to work hard to someday add you to the happy list.

    Best Regards
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    i commend your honesty and quick responses when problems arise. i received a 680 extended battery from you last week and it works fine. i just ordered a rubberized case from you which i should receive shortly. i can see that you attempt to solve problems and that is why i placed my orders with your company.
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    Well said Seidio. Thanks for hanging around this forum. I know it has been a tough couple of months for you. I don't recall seeing another Treo accessory company on this forum. Any other company would have run away at the first sign of trouble never to be heard from again. Your company has always handled any issue I have had with the utmost professionalism. I guess you just have to realize you can't please everybody in this day and age (I'm sure that number is small) and move forward. Thanks again Seidio!
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    Another vote of thanks to you, Seidio.

    Until someone actually works with the general public, I don't think one can truly understand what's out there. You've done an admirable job steering through the minefield.
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    I also commend you for being part of the forum community. Its tough to hear some of the uninformed criticism that is directed toward you when you are simply trying to help. In this regard, I just placed my first order with you simply because of your presence on this forum. Keep up the good work!
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    What they said. . . .
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    Seidio -

    I own and will continue to purchase your products. I'm not aware of anyone that has this wide variety of products for our phone. It's very unique, but extremely valuable that you particpate in these forums.

    The other thing is that you take our input for your products. I believe an example of this is the rubberized back and crystal front case bundle you started to sell for the Treo 750. I believe some individuals had suggested this as an idea.

    Keep up the great work and communication with us.
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    how about a Li-Po extended battery that'd be a nice apology
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    Here is another product suggestion.
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    After reading this forum and Treonauts I ordered the bundled package for the 700p. I also ordered a screen protector and a three pack of stylus pens. I received the package in perfect condition two days later. However, the extended battery was not in the package. I sent in an email to Seidio stating the battery was not in the box. I received a reply email with a link to the complaint department. I filed the complaint. I did not receive a response. I sent in another email to Seidio and was again sent the same link to file a complaint. I wrote I already did that. They said they would check into it and get back to me. I didn't receive a response again so I called and your rep said she would look into it. I then received this email:

    I have check with out shipping and order processing department and all paperwork shows that the battery was pulled and shipped in the package. Perhaps the box accidentally came open at the post office if you could please check with them, or perhaps someone in the household opened the package and the battery fell out.

    We are sorry about the misfortunate events that may have caused this battery to disappear from your shipment after we shipped it.

    Please let us know if you find it or if you need documentation to give to the post office.

    Thank You

    Orders Department

    Well, the package was in perfect condition upon receipt and I am the one who opened the box. There was NO battery. I am extremely disappointed in your service and I would rather return everything that I ordered rather than have to deal with Seidio again.
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    well, since youve basically done a repost of this from about 8-10 months ago, Ill say the same thing as I said in that post.

    The difference now is that its 2007 and youve been (hate to say this word but) complaining about your "growing pains" in both posts which by my count is going on 2-3 years. Growing pains shouldnt take you away from dealing with your customers as you say youre going to deal with them. You also said that your focus on customer service is going to remain your main priority. Yes, I realize that these forums are mostly negative but with the ammount of bad press you guys get Id say that your focus isnt what it should be.

    On the other hand, I commend you for the guts to continue posting and trying to help in these forums.

    I dont know what happened to David but with him we had a name that we could call directly. It seems that many employees from your company post here. Im not sure if thats good or bad. David had said at least once or twice that he was just one man and he was trying to change the culture there at your company. With his exit I hope that that change is still happening.

    I also commend you guys for trying to come out with the newest products for our phones and pushing the envelope. This brings me to another complaint tho, at times you guys have asked for suggestions (the workout armband for example) and then said that you will develop them all without anything to show for it. This drives me crazy.

    Good luck and I admire your hangemdowns for posting this.
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    Seidio has many problems with the main one being the inability of customer service to issue a RMA. I've been trying to get a second one for 2 weeks. The first skin i bought for my 750 broke and the replacement broke in the same exact area. Your company is a pain in the **** to deal with and your products aren't worth the hassle. I'm thinking about just eating the $30.
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    Seidio is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. I have been trying to get a rma for the last 2 weeks and spoke with margaret today, and according to her there is no record of me ever requesting a rma. I will send back the case and file for a chargeback. I tried to go through the proper channels, but you guys take the money, and don't want to deal with shotty craftsmanship. I bought a 650 skin and an audio adapter for my sister, who is happy with those and if she didn't live in another state then i would send that back also. You guys really suck and I am ashamed to have recommended you to my friends.
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    after another two calls i finally got the original battery that was supposed to have been delivered with my initial order. although i'm happy that the battery was finally delivered i still can't believe the amount of time i had to spend on this issue calling seidio when they said they would call me back. this happened twice and i was never called back.
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    i finally got an exchange for the soft skin. Thanks Seidio but it should have been a lot easier.

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