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    Treo community, I need your help. I have scoured the boards and cannot find the solution to my versamail problem. Allow me to explain.

    My employer has a single email server that it uses to host *multiple* email accounts; one for each division within the company (ex. and

    Now, my Username is the same for both email addresses. You might say "change the username and it will work", but this does not. According to our IT operations guy, the email server needs a "fully qualified email address" in order to recognize email from Fully qualified means that the email must include the extension

    I believe that Versamail does not allow the extension (ex. and I do not know what to do. Merely changing the Username will not work ~ the email server requires the fully qualified address.

    Does anyone know how to achieve this with Versamail?

    I'm trying to avoid buying a third-party that will do this.


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    You can set up 8 different accounts within VersaMail.

    Set up a CompanyA account with that full email address.

    Set up a CompanyB account with that full email address.

    et cetera

    Cheers, Perry
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    For each account you give the unique full email address on page 3 of the VersaMail account set up process. . . . . along with the server addresses involved.

    I suspect that the server addresses will also change, such as

    If you use Sprint, use the following for your outgoing server on each account:
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