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    Maybe I'm using the wrong search terms, but I have been looking (TC, Google) for an application that will give me a list of installed programs on my 700p as well as the usage statistics of each.

    Does such an app exist?

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    What type of "usage" do you want to measure?
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    For instance, I would like to know how often I use the Web application. Or, in another instance, I would like to know which apps are least used.
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    Sounds like big brother software you are interested in. not sure of any for POS
    If I could know then, what I know now.
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    Just ran across one today - but, alas, don't recall where I saw it. But I did post the name/site of a different one in a thread here that dealt with battery issues. Try a search.
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    Time Logger by RNS...
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    ^^ Previous post is the one I found today. Search for the one I posted awhile back.
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    This is exactly what I was looking for.
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    Ak Applog is another application that provides even more information. Last access, number of times used etc.
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    Yup. That's the one I posted about awhile back. Didn't look at the differences between the two, but Applog looked pretty good.

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