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    I'm currently on an unlimited internet/media package with cingular with txt msgs. It costs me about 50$ a month. I wanted to down grade but the guy at cingular said that I had to stay on that package, because "the lower packages will not work with the Treo 680."

    I'm looking to save a little money, any ideas?
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    I had the 39.99 plan for the unlimited with no text messages, which i had to add on an additional 4.99. Now I have the 19.99 a month plan included with 200 text messages. The lower plans WILL work, its just a marketing thing Cingular does to get you to pay more, because since you have a smartphone, you most likely will be using more data usage. I'm on my phone 24/7 via Verichat and chatter, and I surf the net a little bit, and my usage hasn't gone to the extreme.

    Go online to Sign in to your account and change your package. Add on the 19.99 Media Net Plan, and delete the PDA unlimited plan.

    Thats all you do. I also changed my phone on the website from saying 650 to Motorola V551 (thats the phone I used to have). I changed it just in case, I don't know if it really matters or not.

    So now I enjoy my T680 with a 19.99 plan
    m100 Zire 72 Treo 650 Treo 680
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    And if that fails, which it tends to.... Just click the link to do an online chat with a CSR and explain to them what you want to do.

    When I changed a package from PDA Connect to MEdia Basics last month it balked at adding MEdia Basics to the phone, but a CSR took care of it, no problem.
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    Yes you can downgrade but you have to trick the system as employedslacker described or find a nice CSR because they want to sell you higher priced plans at all costs. If you are under contract that may factor in too.
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    CSR hooked me up without hesitation.


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