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    I had heard a rumor on another forum that Verizon had finally decided to support Bluetooth DUN on the 650, so I emailed their Tech Support for the fabled firmware download. This was their reply:

    Currently, Verizon Wireless does not support Bluetooth Dial-up Netorking on the Treo 650. As result, we cannot provide information regarding a firmware upgrade for the device. For further assistance with this issue, please contact PalmOne at 1-800-881-7256 or use the link provided below.

    Are my alternatives 1) trying the Sprint BtManager.prc and hoping it doesn't break my Treo, or 2) finding the hacked version of BtManager.prc that has seemingly disappeared from
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    Option (3) Buy USBModem or PDAnet.
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    Everyone has been asking for the BtManager.prc for Verizon. I have it and will email it to anyone who wants it. I would attach it to this post but don't know how. This version is only for Palm OS 1.04. I can't find the version for Palm OS 1.05. If somone has that version would they please provide that?
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