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    im still using the stock battery i actually have 2 treos (650/700w).. 700w which i use 650 is just to sit on the charger and charge the other battery.. i wanted to see how the 2400 mAH and 3200 mAH lasts from seido.. i was thinking about getting the 2400 but 3200 will last you for days.. but the only problem is the thinkness is what im worried about.. i still want that slim well not slim.. the treos are bulky enough.. but to add another thickness is to big... well i jsut wanted to know how the 2400 performed.. and is it really nessacry to get the 3200
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    I measured a 25% increase in use with my 2400 over the stock 1800 in my prior 650 . . . . . . . . .

    So, do you want 1 hour of extra use or 3 hours?

    In overly simplistic terms with much rounding, is this what we are looking at for the 3 different battery power levels:

    1800mAh = 4 to 5 hours of voice, data and streaming?

    2400mAh = 5 to 7 hours of voice, data, and streaming?

    3200mAh = 7 to 9 hours of voice, data, and streaming? (w/ increased form factor)

    Cheers, Perry.

    BTW -- I created a 3mm thick extension on the back of my 700P with business cards and carried that around for a day to see how the increased form factor would "feel". I do not use a cradle and I carry my Treo in a horizontal belt clip pouch -- so "fit" is only a concern for me in regards to use in my hand and my test found the extra thickness to be no bother for me. Esthetics are another matter -- but I value useability over style. Given all that -- I will be getting the 3200mAh for my 700P.
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