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    Hi all. Wanted to update my Treo 680 with the Treo680cameraupdate.prc.
    the sync went well.

    1. got a green icon CameraUpdate under unfiled category
    2. tapped it
    3. got message "this update is incompatible with this device". meaning it was not updated?

    Any of you guys have experienced this? FYI, my CameraLib-camL is ver 3.0.

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    Obviously it's the right update for you with 3.0, and you got it on your machine, but something screwed up so I'd reset and try again. And try again, a few times. But be sure to reset between times. On the other hand, are you sure it didn't work? Just because you have 3.0 doesn't mean you don't ALSO have 3.1. Take a look closely. It may well have updated, and that is the cryptic meaning of the message you got.
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    Any possibility you have CJKOS on your 680?

    There is a thread in another forum where user is having difficulty as well and appears to be unable to (or does not understand how to) uninstall CJKOS. Not sure if CJKOS is in ROM on this user's 680.

    If your 680 has CJKOS in ROM, I would suspect that a different update may be necessary.
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    Hi Frez,

    Maybe you can try performing a warm reset (press the up key on the 5 way navigator, then remove and replace the battery, keeping the 5 way nav up key depressed during the loooong boot until it's finished (I think you'll end up in the Time & Date Pref panel, but I could be wrong...). Then try again applying the Camera update.

    Other solution would be to perform a good backup, then a hard reset, apply the patch, and restore your files (on a one-by-one basis, you probably don't want to erase the newly installed patch files by restoring a whole backup...)

    BTW, did anyone check which files are generated by the update patch? (I for one didn't do it... Too many things already on my poor 680!)
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    Just the CameraLib-camL (3.1) as far as I know.
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    Done all type of resets. No positive result.

    Yup. Got the CJK OS. How do i remove the CJK OS?
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    According to the Palm CJKOS 4 FAQ, you can uninstall CJKOS like this:

    How can I uninstall CJKOS ?
    1. Disable CJKOS by unchecking "CJKOS->Enable CJKOS" checkbox.
    2. Delete it using cManager->MENU->Delete or other File manager applications
    Otherwise, you can try deleting the files "manually" as suggested by this thread on Note that if you disable CJKOS first, chances are that you'll be able to uninstall files normally using the "Delete" menu of the built-in Launcher, but it's been years since I last played with CJKOS, so YMMV...
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    Did you save it to the Device when you downloaded it? You can't save it to the SD card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rambo47 View Post
    ... You can't save it to the SD card.
    What is it that you cannot save to the SD card?
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    The cameraupdate.prc file must be saved to "Device" to be used, not saved to your SD Card. Or so say the directions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rambo47 View Post
    The cameraupdate.prc file must be saved to "Device" to be used, not saved to your SD Card. Or so say the directions.
    If you run the updater from the memory card, it'll get copied to RAM first anyway, so it probably won't matter much...

    If you'd rather be cautious, then nobody prevents you from putting the file on your memory card, then from here copy it to RAM before launching it (using the copy in RAM).

    Since the updater is a standard .prc file, nothing bad will happen if you copy it to the memory card!
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    So you CAN save it to the SD card, as I did. From there you can either run it, or you can copy it to RAM to run it if that works better for you. Meanwhile, if you keep it on your SD card it is there if you ever need it in the future (after a hard reset, say).

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