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    Is there an app or other solution that will allow me to put in someone's phone number while I am on the phone speaking to someone. Right now I just hit the home key find my way to Contacts and enter it in but it takes too long. Is there a quick way to do this?
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    I'm not sure of any while your on the phone but Your Call from Iambic works very well to enter this after you have disconnected.
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    I use TakePhone for this. Takephone is really more of a replacement/augmentation of the Treo's phone application, but it performs this function quite well.

    The steps for using this in Takephone (depending on how you have Takephone setup) would be:

    While on/after a call
    1. press the treo's phone button (This ensures that you are now in Takephone)

    2. Just start inputing the phone number via the treo's keyboard

    3. Press "save" and you now have the choice of saving the number as a new contact or assigning the number to an existing contact.
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    That's what I'm looking for.
    I just realized i can also make Contacts one of my hard keys and I can jump right into it that way.
    I'll try all the options.
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    Our Comet product will allow you to add a number or take notes about a call while on the call. This would work for both an incoming or outgoing call to a number that isn't in your contacts list.
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    A work around...

    Implement a FIND, enter the phone number or anything else you want to record,
    start the search and cancel out of it. Next time you use FIND your entered data is shown as the default.

    Option > Find > type data > OK > Stop > Cancel

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