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    So I am trying to tether a Treo 680 to an IBM ThinkPad X32 (SP2) over bluetooth. I just can't get a reliable connection. It usually takes 5-8 attempts before the ThinkPad can open the port to the Treo....

    The good news is that once connected the connection doesn't drop and is very fast (compared to my old Nokia 6230). But I need to get them to pair together w/o so much if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

    Also, is there any way to use the USB cable as a modem link, instead of bluetooth? If bluetooth is the issue I'd rather just use the cable and get reliable connections than fight with bluetooth.

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    I use a Dell notebook, XP, and USB BT dongle with my 650. Have not yet attempted on my 680 yet. When I used the 650, I had similar connection issues. Kinda like a crapshoot. You just never new how much tinkering and finger waggin' it would take each time to tether.
    My opinion: BT connections are not ready for primetime. Until the standards become simpler and much more consistent, it will lag concerning adoption. Productive people need to get more done in less time in more flexible ways. Most BT connections that I have used of various types have been moody. Only techies are gonna sit waste time tinkering with settings, resets, and retrys everytime they wanna go online wirelessly etc. No way IT managers are going to tackle a workforce full of solutions like this. Just MHO.

    I'll try my 680 and report back.
    Patrick Horne
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    I agree Patrick. Bluetooth has always been a little voodoo. I think I went through a product exchange with my 6230 before I got bluetooth to work. And then I just ended up using the Nokia USB cable because it worked everytime w/o issues. People seem to have better luck with Macs, so maybe it is mostly a windows issue.

    If I can get the 680's USB cable to work then I'll be happy...I just need something for those times when a wi-fi connection isn't available.
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    anyone know how I could setup my powrbook (1.33 g4) to use my new 680's DUN setup? I could never get it to work it seemed with my 650. pretty sure I wasnt doing it correctly.
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    I've setup PdaNet to work with Treo 600 and 700p without any problems using a USB cable. Since Bluetooth on the Treo 700p is so buggy, I won't go near Bluetooth for tethering. The cable just works, and you usually carry it to hotsync anyway, so just use it and avoid the bluetooth problems.
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    Thanks Bob. That is exactly what i needed.

    UPDATE: I tried two applications-- PDA Net and USB Modem. Both worked however I decided to purchase USB Modem. USB Modem has a smaller footprint than PDA Net, in fact it doesn't require a program to be installed on the laptop at all. You just need to install the included device driver for the modem. Nothing runs in the background like PDA Net.

    PDA Net is probably suited better for someone who really doesn't want to mess with any settings on either the laptop or PDA. Just run the installer and attach your devices and it will work. USB Modem is better suited for someone who is comfortable with setting up some basic networking settings and would prefer to run an app that uses resources as minimally as possible.
    thanks for the suggestions
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