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    Maybe someone can help. I'm trying to sync my Treo to 2 computers. No problem at work. It won't sink with home computer. At first it wouldn't work because it wanted me to change my username. Now I changed the username but it still won't sync.

    Let's say my username on my Treo is "pluto". I changed the name on the Palm Desktop to "venus", so that I would have a different name. Well, then my Treo starts connecting with my PC but it doesn't transfer any data. The essential catagories are set to syncronize both ways, but nothing is happening.

    Any suggestions?

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    One Treo, two computers, same name, only way.
    Computer does not force you to change the name, just offers option to add a new one.
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    Well, I tried to keep the same username but I get an error message telling me that the same username is not allowed and tells me to go to Tools and dialogue to change to a different username. I would like to keep the same username for both computers, but it won't let me.


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