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    am i the only one who does not know how to use the "ignore with text" function properly...? no one ever gets a text from me when i tab the button... aside from that, i do not even know where to add the new text... i have owned a treo for 4 years and think i know a little bit about how to use them but even the technician at palm was stumped... he suggested that i do a hard reset, which i refused vehemently... than he said that the "ignore with text" function only works AFTER the caller had already left a message... hmmmmm... i think not... any advise...?
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    I use the ignore with text quite a bit. On my 700P when I receive a call, a window pops up with 3 options. 2 big buttons side by side, "Answer", "Ignore" and a smaller box underneath, "ignore with text".

    I click on the "ignore with text" which sends your call into voicemail. and your phone automatically goes to SMS mode. Go to your quick texts and choose your message, or type in a new message. Send.

    You want to edit your quick texts in advance, so when you get a call and want to "ignore with text" you can choose a preset quick text, which is handy when your busy.

    To edit your quick text, go into your sms application, hit "new". You be taken to a compose message screen. At the bottom right, you'll see 2 boxes. A quick text box and a icon box. The one on the left is the quick texts. You can edit these by clicking on the quick text box, then scrolling to the bottom, where it says "edit quick text"

    I have some quick texts set up like
    1.can't talk now, will call you right back
    2.In a meeting, I'll call you when I'm out
    3.I'm in a class, I'll call you later.

    and a few others that I use for other texts
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    that makes sense... thank you... i just realized what my problem is: after ignoring with text, no sms screen pops up... any idea why that is..?
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    it doesnt send a text automatically ??

    im going to put

    1. you arent important enough for me to awsner
    2. out with the lady dont ruin my game
    3. pooping ill call you later
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    Quote Originally Posted by akris View Post
    that makes sense... thank you... i just realized what my problem is: after ignoring with text, no sms screen pops up... any idea why that is..?
    I was having issues like this and I found it was Obfuscate. I hid all the application that had the hard buttons on the phone just to unclutter the application screen. If the application needed had its icon hidden with Obfuscate it would not launch. I also could not use any of the favorites in the phone application with the phone icon hidden. All I did was unhid them and it worked perfect again.
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    i am not using obfuscate... any other idea..?
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    IMO this feature would have been more useful if you could simply pick the messages from a drop down list right within the incoming call screen itself.

    1. Call comes in.
    2. Choose message and hit ignore with text.
    3. Call ignored and text sent in the background.
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