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    Is there a better app for sending text messages? The factory Palm program is ok, but I was just looking at my options.

    I know about verichat, but that doesn't interest me
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    if text messages aka sms are meant and you use a gsm network

    - the Treo Edition could be interesting for Treo 650 and 600 users
    ( afaikafaikafaik $they$ $also$ $have$ $versions$ $for$ $the$ $Treo$ $180$ $and$ $270$ $GSM$)

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    The threaded SMS on the 650 was the gold standard, I thought. I gotta admit though that the threaded SMS from the 750 ported to the 700wx is even cleaner. What extra features do you get with the 3rd party software?
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    The ability to categorize or file messages would be nice.
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