Hi, I got a Treo 650 a few days ago and have been unsucessfully configuring and re-configuring the phone trying to set up E-mail. I have found that I can't use Cingular's Xpress mail because the PC application required is only for Windows (I have a Mac), and that Versamail's simple, seemingly foolproof setup renders nothing. I set up my AOL account on Versamail, entering all the settings I found in the guide on Palm's site (imap.aol.com as the incoming server, smtp.aol.com as the outgoing, Port 143 as incoming without SSL, and 587 as outgoing with SSL). It's not that I'm encountering problems with the Emails I receive; there is absolutely no activity (I don't receive anything) and when I try to send an E-mail, it says either client authentication required or unable to connect to smtp.aol.com.... Surely someone has run into a problem like this before, can anyone help?!