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    Oh, I should clarify... I have IR off, BT on & a BT headset in my pocket.

    However, overnight, the radio is turned off & the headset is turned off. When the green charging light shows, the charge is 100%; on removing the Treo from the charger, it is usually 99%. This morning, after a 4hr sleep (radio off), I unplugged & found the phone to be at 94%.
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    On further testing, it seems that the bluetooth is huge drain on the battery. During the day, I normally have BT on, with the headset nearby & drain is in the order of 5%/hour. With BT off, this dropped to about 1-2%/hour. I will start a separate thread on this, as I think I might have a BT problem due to a difference in behavious compared to my Treo 650.
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    In my hands, BT on drains the battery at about 1% per hour (in standby) compared to 0.5% per hour with BT off. Maybe having a BT device nearby adds to the drain (I havent tested that), but 5% per hour is obviously a problem. Can you try BT on with no BT device nearby? I will try the opposite with my setup - ie. BT on and BT headset on and nearby.
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    Hmmm, BT on without nearby headset was no different. So I tried again with BT off... 3.5% per hour over a 12 hour day, including 25 minutes of calls. Not good.
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    Here's something interesting... I got a 7% drain in 4 hours overnight. That's just under 2% per hour. That's with the GSM phone radio off, BT on but no nearby BT devices, IR off.

    I'll try again with BT off & also after a hard reset in the next couple of days to see what's up here.
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    I had a flight today and, (like the responsible, law-biding person I am) turned off my Treo before boarding. It had nearly a full charge when I did. Once I got to my destination, I went to turn my Treo on and the battery was dead. Near as I can figure, it must have soft reset as I was boarding. I have Phone Tech set to re-enable the radio on reset, so I must have been flying with the radio on the whole way. Yikes!
  7. #127 would've been searching for service the entire flight...
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    I bought my unlocked 680 two weeks ago and have BT on and visible as well as the beam receive mode on. I estimate the handset is off the charger for fourteen hours and has usually around 50% charge left when it goes back on of an evening.

    Throughout the day I make around six or seven calls, check my email a few times, send SMS, use the usual Palm PIM apps, browser the www and play games in LJP. So I'm not a light user and I presume LJP especially should hammer the battery.

    I did notice when I downloaded the camera patch, that my newer handset didn't require it. Maybe it is installed at the factory, or Palm have fixed the bug?

    My 680 also came with a Palm branded charging cradle and psu, so perhaps that makes a difference?
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    My first 680 had reasonably good battery life but I had to exchange it because of a keyboard problem. I kept the original battery and now in the new phone it drains really fast and cannot last more than 14 hours with moderate phone and text use. the performance is abysmal compared with the same battery in the old 680. Any ideas on this one?
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    battery meter calibration?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DIG View Post
    ahh, so TreoBattery is actually Battery.prc. I have read a few posts that this seems to cause problems for the 680. Might skip on that one, but thanks for the info anyway. I can still check the concept that the GSM triggers drains using battery graph.

    N e one out there know if anyone has yet extracted the 3.2 version of TreoBattery in ENGLISH yet? Still can only find it in Chinese for now... Be GRATE if somebody could post it...

    ...Never mind - found it!
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