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    I'm getting a VZ 650 soon and I really would like to know if/where I can get a case with the shinier top part I think that the branded ones have and soem of the other ones...

    I want this:

    instead of the VZ one:

    The shinier one is SOOOO much better, the VZ and most of the others are so dull and flat-colored...yes I've searched ebay and Ive searched this board. Thankya
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    Um, you sure that's not just the angle?
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    yeah ive seen it on a few cingular phones in pics and also a few unbranded looking ones that say palmone in the top left corner with no carrier name
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    Unbranded GSM isn't reflective.
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    well whatever the case may be (no pun intended), there is in fact a case like this because i have more pics that i've found from different owners..
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    I bought my treo from ebay seller "rudyc818". Ebay store PDA King

    It's got the shiny front cover with blue border, no carrier branding, and "Treo" in the upper corner. I'm not sure if he refurbs them himself, so he may have extra covers. The phone was loaded with the Cingular Rom.
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    ill check it out thanks..anyone else know where i can get one of these? or even a new one that has palmone instead of a carrier name on it?? i hate ther logos on them they kinda ruin the look
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    Oops, sold mine a month or so ago. You're looking for the "unbranded GSM" housing, or the "Special Blue Edition" housing, as it's known in Asia.
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