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    Just wondering if anyone has gotten the latest player to do volume increments of single digits. What I mean is that when I press the volume button once it will go from 0 to 4 or from 4 to 9 but nothing in between. There doesn't seem to a slider for volume control. The reason I bring this up is because at 4 the volume is sometimes too loud when wearing headphones. Also the side rocker buttons does not work to control the volume even when selected in the preference. I like the concept but their tech needs some massive overhaul.
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    The side buttons do work, but only when audible is truly in the background (meaning you are in another app or the launcher)

    However, I think it adjusts at the same increments
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    Here's what Tech support wrote back:

    "Thank you for contacting

    The volume control in the Audible Player is a function of the device, not the Audible Player application itself. The application does support incremental volume control, but this function may be limited by the particular device you are using. Also, you may try to use the device volume control to find a comfortable listening level, since you are not able to do this on AP application.

    If you need further assistance, please respond to this email. For additional questions, feel free to use “Find An Answer” at our online Helpcenter ( ), or contact us directly by phone during our regular business hours:

    Account/Billing Support:
    Email or Phone available 24x7"

    Absolutely useless!!!

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