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    Is anybody using (or maybe have seen in person) one of those RexRegina Harrison Classic leather pocket cases?

    I just want a nice case to put my 680 in, and then put that in my pocket. The Harrison Classic cases look really nice, and from little I have read it's a snug fit. My biggest concern is how it will be in my pocket, as I don't want something bulky.

    Any personal opinions out there?
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    Never even heard of it.

    Got a link?
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    They look good I might have to order one.

    Waiting almost 1 month for a couple of cases from Vaja.
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    ^ I agree that they do look good....chances are I'll just go ahead and order one, and give a full report about it.
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    I like the RexRegina cases-I have one from the Avant-Garde collection and one from the Noveau collection for my T650.Before that I had a Piel Frama case I adored. I like how to this day I haven't seen anyone else with the RexRegina case-and I have seen many many more people with Treos in the last year and a half.
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    ^ How does it feel with the case in your pocket? Does it feel like a wallet, or something like a bulky item?
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    Anyone buy this before?

    Will it fit the battery door on the super extended battery on a 700wx?
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    I have one each of the Harrison Classic, Avant-Garde, and Stanton Nouveau that I reviewed for TreoCentral a while back. They're supremely well made, all of them. Well, I have only two of them left. I gave the Nouveau to the model.

    The review is at:

    I don't have a Vaja to compare with, but these are definitely quality, and I've never seen anyone else using one. I stowed mine. Didn't want get them messed up.

    Jay Gross
    TreoCentral writer
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Sprint Treo 650, drowned Sprint Treo 700P, Treo 700w, and a crimson Treo 680 (yeah!), plus a red Centro
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    There's some RexRegina feedback in this thread and a rep responds on the second and third pages...

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