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    I heard it's pretty hard, can anyone give me any insight? I'm going to be picking up a 680 and want to completely start from scratch.

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    I've had great luck uninstalling things with
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    So is your plan to install the 680's Desktop? If so, the install process will completely overwrite, repair and update the current Desktop. Then you can use your current user name to transfer everything over to your new 680 but, if still using your old Palm, you'll need to rename it - see Palm KB articles #41712 and 24485 (Option 2).

    If, on the other hand, you don't intend to use Desktop but want to use iCal and Address Book via iSync, you still need to have Desktop installed.
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    Mleb, what if I want to get rid of all my apps, where would I go to delete those?
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    try doing a spotlight search using the word Palm and delete the files you see. In particular look in your libray's application support folder as well as your application, documents and preferences folders.

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