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    Well this may be crazy but.... I've decided to alternate batteries. The extended battery door catches on too much so during the week when I carry the 680 in a shirt pocket, the extended battery is used and on weekends when I carry the 680 in a belt case, the normal battery is used.

    The extended battery gets me through the week on one charge and the normal battery gets me through the weekend on one charge.

    May sound strange but until I find a case to carry the extended battery or if Seidio offers something in a smaller form factor, this is the only safe alternative I can think of.
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    Unfortunately I too had to stop using the Seidio holster with my Treo 680 (using the extended battery). I've had it land on the floor three times in the last two weeks.
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    I understand your concerns and share them. It would be easy for Seidio to alter their horizontal case to accomodate the larger battery. Unfortunately, the size increase created by the extended battery is it's achille's heel.

    Otherwise, a great product.
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