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    Several people would really like to get their hands on the updated DUN patch for verizon, firmware 1.05. Does ANYONE have it who could e-mail it or post it somewhere (it's a small file, right?). If so, this would be extremely useful to a number of people. My e-mail is Thank you!
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    Hey if not for us plain folks what about for a NYC paramedic? After all they've been through and are still going through, is it too much to ask for one little file...?
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    Haha, not the angle I would have taken, but thanks anyway. By the way though, that email address should be NY/CT paramedic instead of nyct, because it's intended to mean New York and Connecticut, as opposed to NYC (t?). I don't work right in New York City, just outside. Not that that makes me any less deserving of the DUN patch!

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