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    Can anyone please let me know if it is possible to open CSV files from withing the Calender? Essentially, i would like to open a calender schedule in CSV file that would poplulate certain dates in the Calender. Is this possible w/o 3rd party applications? Additionally, if it can read CSV files, would this CSV file overwrite all other calender entries? This calender is something for mass distribution for treo users within an organization, so any help would be appreciated. Any ideas on a solution would be fantastic. many thanks!

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    You can acheive what you want fairly simply without a .csv. There is a program which will convert a .csv to a .dba (CONVDB.EXE) but the process below is less complicated.

    1. In the Palm Desktop create a new user, select it and edit the calendar to include all of the data which you wish to add to the calendar.
    2. In the Desktop use Menu > File > Export to export the corresponding .dba file.
    3. Change to your usual username.
    4. In the Desktop use Menu > File > Import to import the previously created .dba file.
    5. Hotsync to transfer the updated calendar.

    The calendar entries will be merged.

    You can distribute the .dba file and recipients just do steps 4 and 5.

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