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    I'm shopping for GPS for my car. I was wondering if there was a huge advantage to getting it simply on my Treo 650? Is there anyone that owns it that loves/hates it. Please let me know! Is there a real reason I should stay away from it all together and look at GPS units?
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    There is, I'm sure, a million posts/opinions already posted here on this subject. But I'll post mine.

    I have TomTom 6 on my 650 coupled with a wireless Bluetooth Holux 236 receiver and it's AWESOME.

    Main advantage is that it keeps the number of toys in your car to a minimum. Two, you can take it anywhere, just keep the Holux in your pocket, it's smaller than a Wrigley's BigPak of gum. Going hiking, bicycling, etc? Just take your phone and you're done.

    I would _never_ purchase a separate GPS unit when I have it already in my Treo.
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    Also, if you want to try TomTom 6 out before you buy it, it can be found on the less scrupulous websites on this wonderful World Wide Web. The Holux will run you $60 on eBay, where I bought mine.
    Treo 300 (x2), 600 (x3), 650 (x6), 700p (ROM'd to 755p)
    My Custom Black-Tie 700p
    Sprint, 750 AT, Unl N/W @ 7pm, Unl Roaming/Power Vision/Pix/Txt/M2M, $46/mo.
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    I will second the motion from theleetbeagle. I have tom tom 6 on my 650, however i am using a global sat BT-359 bluetooth GPS receiver (as opposed to the Holux 236) and it works awesome. As theleetbeable said, there are a million posts on this board about pros/cons of GPS for your Treo 650. There is a lot of debate about Garmin vs Tom Tom, with alot of loyal Garmin fans saying that Garmin uses less resources on your phone as compared to Tom Tom, and as a result the phone doesnt crash. However, most of those people are people who run other apps at the same time as their GPS, for example Pocket Tunes mp3 player. I dont run tons of apps on my phone, and I use an IPOD for my mp3 player, so I dont have any problems at all, my 650 has never crashed while I am using tom tom. The only app I run in the background is chatter mail (i used to use versa mail) and I have never had any problems. The BT-359 is an awesome GPS receiver, I would highly recommend it, and I have been very impressed with Tom tom 6.

    Some advice: I purchased my receiver and software from, and it came with a free Arkon vent mount. The mount is great, except for one thing, it covers the entire back of the 650, including the speaker, so the voice commands from Tom Tom are somewhat muted. I solved this problem by purchasing the Seidio G2200S car mount. The G2200s comes with both a gooseneck window mount as well as a vent mount, and the cradle only covers half of the 650, leaving the speaker exposed, and hence, the tom tom voice commands are much louder. Even with the G2200s, if you are blasting tunes, you wont be able to hear the commands, but if you turn down the radio a little you will be fine. The G2200s also charges the phone, which is a good thing on long trips, because the phone obviously isnt in sleep mode while running the GPS software. I did have one problem with G2200s however, and if the Seidio guy who frequents this site (Dave I think?) is out there, you might want to read this. I choose to use the gooseneck window mount because I felt it "looked cooler." However, after a few weeks, the gooseneck fell out of the window mount. It appeard to be glued (perhaps with Krazy Glue?), but the glue obviously didnt hold. I was able to fix this by re-glueing it to the window mount using Gorilla Glue. I havent had any problems since. So Dave if you are reading this, you might want to switch to Gorilla Glue when fastening the goosneck to the window mount (making sure to let it cure for 24 hours, and also to use weights to keep the gooseneck and window mount under pressure during the curing process). As for the Arkon vent mount, I still use that to hold my IPOD, and it works great for that.

    Hope this helps.

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    I third the TomTom 6 recommendation. The software looks great, and I'm just having a slight wired GPS receiver issue (bad connection - replacement on the way).

    So basically you can get a full GPS solution for the Treo 650/700/750 for ~$35 (price of a wired SiRF Star III GPS) + software.

    NOTE: TomTom just came out with updated maps (which work on all their platforms - including all-in-one GO/ONE units, Treo, Windows Mobile). They are by far the best I've seen (including points of interest opened as recently as 4-5 months)
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    I Fourth the reccommendation.
    I have 650 and TT5 with TT6 sitting in a box to be loaded.
    I Love it, had it a year and a half (TT5) Went to Europe for 2 months with it. It is great.

    I have Tom Tom's BT receiver ( I had to buy it, no choice when I bought it). Works flawlessly, long battery life

    I have Cingular GSM had problems with Sedio window holder picking up noise from GSM data connection. Worked wtih Seidio for months rectifying it but they finally got one to me that works ok. They have since changed the model.
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    I use the Garmin GPS10 Deluxe on my 650. It works REALLY well.

    However If I was starting again I would think twice about GPS on my phone.

    - The price of TomTom etc standalone units has now crashed, making phone GPS more expensive, rather than cheaper as it was when I first got into GPS on my phone.

    - Sometimes you can have too many things on your phone at the same time. Yes you can answer the phone and GPS at the same time, well sort of, or receive a sms text message, or get a reminder alarm go off. But there will always be a compromise. If the phone rings just as you get an important direction change, and you miss the change ?????

    OK, it's great having it in one unit, as long as you remember to carry the BT unit with you.
    But, if a fully working GPS unit with world maps was £50, or $50, with unlimited life upgrades, how many of us would stick with the Treo software ?

    It comes down to prices, how much you are going to use it, and how many units you want to carry at the same time.

    If you still want it on your Treo, then go for it as it works well
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    Another vote for a Treo + BT GPS (I do GPS + mp3 + phone or web simultaneously with no problems) as opposed to a stand-alone GPS unit, and another vote for the Garmin GPS 10. But the Garmin and TomTom offerings are changing so rapidly that you need to evaluate both at your time of purchase. Long live free market competition.

    EDIT: from their website it appears that TomTom does not offer integrated online traffic info (and thus optimal routing based on current traffic conditions) in the US. (Or maybe it is available in the US; TomTom's website is very confusing about this...) In Europe, traffic info is available but it costs 50 euros per year including "safety camera" info. Garmin offers FREE online traffic, gas prices, weather and hotel prices if you use the Mobile XT software, which is the successor to the Que software that comes with the GPS 10 that ChasT and I have. The upgrade to Mobile XT is free, and is standard with the newer Mobile 10 receiver. On the other hand Mobile XT software is new and has some stability problems as discussed in a thread in the Bluetooth forum.
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    I've been doing a lot of research, and found that there is support for traffic in the US on a year by year basis (52.04 converted). I figure, seeing as some of th Garmin options are $100 more it might be a good idea. Plus, based on the screenshots and such, TomTom looks like a more effective interface. A few questions I have come up with through my research is whether or not the users of this thought the display was too small. That seems like that may be a problem. Thanks for your responses, please keep them coming while this is on the front page!
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    I don't mean to push Garmin too much, I have no vested interest in either TomTom or Garmin, but the Garmin Mobile 10 (GPS receiver + maps + software) is about $170 (Tiger GPS) whereas the corresponding TomTom package (Navigator 6 with GPS receiver) is $250 from the same source. Of course if TomTom is a better system for your needs it may be totally worth the extra $80 up front + $50/yr.
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    Does GPS use up your minutes?
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    Nope. As I wrote in the wiki on TreoCentral:

    "GPS systems work by tracking signals from a set of 27 orbiting satellites (24 active, with 3 on-orbit spares). At any given time at any location on earth, several of these satellites within range of the user's GPS receiver ... From the known (but changing) locations of these orbiting satellites and the time delays between signals received from different satellites, the user's position can be determined. These satellites were launched and are maintained by the US government. There is no cost to use them, other than the cost already borne by US taxpayers. There is no need for internet access or wireless phone service to use GPS devices..."

    But if you use on-line services like traffic or gas prices that provide additional information to use with your GPS navigation, you'll be using your internet connection and incur the associated costs if you don't have an unlimited data plan.
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    Well money isn't really an object here...its gonna be a gift from my fianceé for Valentine's day and she already wants to but the TomTom, still I want to get the one that works the best. The Garmin website is just not helpful at all. I don't know which one I should get, what it does or anything. The only things I know about Garmin are the things I have been told on here.
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    When you're lucky enough that your woman tells you exactly what she wants, I'd say BY ALL MEANS GET IT FOR HER!!!

    EDIT: Ooops I didn't read the previous post carefully enough... SHE wants to buy YOU the TomTom... So the message is still the same, get the TomTom... If she got you the Garmin because you said you wanted that instead, if it fails to deliver JUST ONCE you'll never hear the end of it...
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    Haha the best part is she is buying it for me! So is there any huge problem with going with TomTom over Garmin? ANNNND how about some people put on here why they bought the GPS system and if its paying off.
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    If your fiancee' already has her mind made up that she wants to buy you the Tom Tom, just get that. Trust me, you will be better off in the long run, even if the Garmin is better. Dont question, just obey. LOL! Just kidding, just kidding.

    I added GPS to my phone to maximize its capabilities. Plus I travel for my job at times, and end up renting cars and driving around different parts of the country, so that was a major factor. The GPS has definitely come in handy a few times already. As an example, I was in Chicago last month, and I had to catch a flight home, but needed to ship something off Fed Ex before my flight, which was in a couple hours. My coworker kept telling me "Dont worry, I got the address for the Fed Ex at the airport, its easy to find." Well to make a long story short, my GPS saved the day, we would have never found the FedEx without it. As far as the screen being to small, I havent found this to be a problem. It will take a little while to get used to the screen and understanding exactly what information is being presented (as well as how you want to customize what information is presented), but that wont take long. As far as the traffic service, you do have to pay extra for it with Tomtom. I dont do it because local AM radio here gives traffic reports every 10 minutes (WBZ's Traffic on the 3s), so if I need a report, I just tune in to that station. As far as "is it paying off," trust me, once you get it you will find it very handy. The POI database in TomTom (as well as Garmin from what I read) is very comprehensive. If I am meeting someone at a restaurant that I have never been to, its in there. You will definitely use the GPS once you get it, trust me.

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    I just bought Tomtom and Holux BT GPS unit and love it. I payed $179 for the bundle including an Arkon vent mount on ebay. Semson's has the same package for $189. I found this to be much more cost efficient than a stand alone unit. The s/w is great, though I'm still trying to figure out how to get TomTom running w/Goodlink. It was definitely worth the purchase.
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    So, which systems currently have traffic rerouting?
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    has anybody played with the Garmin mobile 10 yet? I ordered one earlier this week $156 shipped ( with google checkout)... according to the ups website it should be here tomorrow... I'm just looking for a lil feedback... I saw the thread in the BT forum, but it focused more on the s/w than the actual receiver... all these yrs I've had my treo I never considered GPS, because I always thought it required a cradle, but once I realized I could just throw a puck on the dash & go I had to give it a try...
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