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    Sprint Treo 650

    I notice that if I have the data connection stay 'up', I get blinking 'Green' arrows even though I do not have any network app running (e.g. Blazer, Chatteremail is an offline state, etc.)

    Would anyone know what the Treo is doing with this network connection? If I disconnect the data connection, the Treo DOES NOT try to reconnect - so it's not as if some app is asking for a network connection.


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    So no one else is experiencing this? I see it on two separate Sprint Treo 650's

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    Doesn't anyone know the answer to this? I've been wondering about it for the last two years I've owned this 650.
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    This is one of the main reasons why I can't leave my network connection up.. Even if I am not running a network app (email, browser, etc.)

    I guess it is a mystery.
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    If you are using versa mail, under versa mail preferences-connectivity, there is a button there to say whether you want to stay connected.

    Perhaps that is checked.

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