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    I think my copper 680 is bricked.

    I picked it up off the charger. It reset it self and went to the white screen with the Palm logo with the progress bar indicator. After that screen it goes back to the white screen with the Palm logo and just sits there (while the LED indicator is solid green). No key presses at all seem to work. I tried a hard reset and it takes me to the "up for yes down for no" screen where it asks to wipe my data but when I select either one I get the same screen all over again. Any thing else I can try? I could send it in to Palm but I'm afraid they will not send me a copper one back.
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    You can remove the battery for a while but this has a low probability of success (worth a try). It sounds pretty bad to me.
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    wow, that's unnerving.
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    Try a warm reset. No guarantee, but it's possible you could get into the offending software (if there is offending software) and disable it. Course it's doubtful you can get it to warm reset if you have this problem, but I'd try anyway.
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    I think you should send it back anyway. I know it's a hassle, but an almost new phone shouldn't crap out this soon. Copper is supposed to be back in stock.
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    Copper is back on the website. They changed the ordering pages and the Copper was back. I think the earlier message was supposed to be Not currently avaliable as opposed to no longer avaliable.

    Anyway it does sound like a hardware failure.
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