The replacement from Palm arrived. It came as a plain phone with no accys except the stylus. I installed my spare battery and my sim card and then synched the phone. To check the IR circuit, I turned this on. Bluetooth was on and I was connecting to the net.

Within a short period, the phone was down to 80%. Before the end of the evening, it was down to 40%. WTF!!!!

This morning, I re-installed the camera patch. Swapped batteries to my original and recharged overnight. There was a small issue of the green light on, but not full charge. I performed an incradle reset, and let it fully charge.

Took the phone off the charger at 7:02 AM with IR ON, Bluetooth off, Network on, 99.5% at 7:40 AM. Aprox 1% per hour. This is significantly better than the old phone. Under similar settings, my old 680 would have used 5%, or 10% per hour.

The full experiment will have to wait for the weekend, as I'm swamped at work.