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    I use T-Mobile To-Go (Pay as you go service) because I don't make a lot of mobile calls and I was wondering if I could use an unlocked 680.

    Sometimes pay-as-you-go phones have special firmware (e.g. Virgin Mobile to support special button presses). I don't think that's true of the T-Mobile phones.

    I only need the voice plan at this point and that's all I want with a To-Go plan.

    However, all the reports of problems especially the battery problem are making me have second thoughts so maybe I should just give in and get a 700p and a regular plan.

    Has any one tried an unlocked 680 on T-Mobile with the To-Go plan?
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    I just checked my 680 with my sons T-Mobile To Go SIM & works fine.
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    Whoa, thanks for the field test!!!
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    T-Mobile is very accommodating with unlocked phones, from my experience. They allowed me to add an unlocked phone to To Go. Not a Treo, but hopefully they won't mind the 680 either. The only restriction is you will only be able to use T-Zones for data.

    You also can just buy the SIM and pop it in. They don't even need to know what phone you have. The only reason they know with me is because I had connection problems with T-Zones and had to call CS.
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    my nokia n-gage was unlocked and came with to go sim and a to go card.
    I mean. or so I've heard...............
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    680 should be fine.
    700p is not an option with Tmobile as it is a CDMA phone, not GSM.
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    I don't have a battery problem therefore I don't feel the need to write about it every day. I'm sure there are lots of people like me. The 680 ought to work without a problem.
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    I am replying to this via my Treo 680 using the free T-Zones internet access with a T-Mobile To Go prepaid SIM. I think this has got to be the best prepaid deal around. I was even able to use T-Zones when I was roaming in SD. A coworker of mine got one after he saw mine, and he was able to get 2 $50 refill cards for $40 each at Target a few weeks ago when they were on sale, bringing the price down to 8 cents a minute. My coworker was even able to do bluetooth DUN with his laptop for free!
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    I have a TREO-680 that I use with my T-Mobile to go and it works fine. regarding the battery problem, it's been fixed.
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    Thanks to everyone for all this great info!

    That question would have been impossible to get an answer to through T-Mobile, Palm or any where else!

    Thanks again!!!
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    I popped my Tmobile Sim card from my old Treo 600 into the new 680. It seems great so far, but I can't get my email to work with the same exact settings I used on my 600. Anyone else having mail problems???

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