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    when the hebrew on my treo 680 is on i can not sync the treo with the microsoft outlook, for example if i have on my outlook calendar a meeting in english it will not sync it with my treo, only meeting in hebrew will sync with the treo. however when the hebrew on my treo is off i will see the meeting on my calendar in english. but when the hebrew is on i can sync meeting only in hebrew, if i have on meeting writen in hebrew and one meeting writen in english it will sync only the hebrew one. when i had a treo 650 it used to work perfectly with no problem. please let me know what to do.
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    Your treo must have been made in Tel Aviv and/or has connections to George Bush
    Cingular 680
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    Sounds like your 680 is a bigot. Not much to be done with it; they never learn.

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