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    I was recently looking for a treo cradle. Could not find a decent amount of palm accessories at:

    Best Buy
    Comp USA
    Office Depot
    Circuit City (how much longer are these guys going to be around?)

    That is a lot of places to go looking for a silly cradle.

    I guess I will have to go to frys or order it online!
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    Yeah, Palm would appear to wish we had selective amnesia - they want users to remember how much they liked using the Palm so they'll go out and get a Treo, but not recall they build PDAs and sell them at retail outside of their wireless partners.

    As such, its nearly impossible to find any retailers who have a stash of support peripherals - or software. Meanwhile, the only thing their wireless providers seem to carry are styli and cases.

    If you can't find the cradle at Fry's or via the Palm Store (nothing would surprise me with Palm), I noted that SoftPocket (up here in Toronto) had them in the other day when I stopped in -
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    yeah, their retail presence has been shrinking for a while. I think just pda's in general have lost a lot of retail presence.
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    I visited the palm store located in "The Grove" shopping mall in Los Angeles. The store is located down one of the side spurs from the main "street" in the shopping complex.

    The store is fashionable and neat . There does not appear to be a lot of choices in the store. I asked the gentleman behind the counter about the unbranded Treo 750. He sandbagged me. No info whatsoever about when it would be available. He did admit they had the 750 from cingular on hand but it was not displayed anywhere in the store (that I noticed)

    The prices were a bit higher, but that is to be expected. They have to pay for the square footage leased from the mall.

    The questions remain: Will this store help to expand market share? Will it support itself in revenue ? Are they doing any evangilst activities out of this location ? Is there a user group that meets there ? Are they reaching out to the community within the mall ? For example, they ought to introduce themselves to all the other stores and offer the staff of the mall and stores a discount on treos and accessories!

    It seemed a lot different from what we have read here about the San Francisco store.

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    son of a ***** i didnt know there was one there

    ill be going there this weekend for a condom case

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    I was at the Palm store at Union Station in Washington DC yesterday. Very stylish store and knowledgable shopkeeper. (He knew about flashing roms, and carries a Black Tie Edition 650) He had lots of accessories for sale and at least one of each kind of Treo including unlocked, colored 680s. It was a great store to browse through and in a pinch not hateful when you need batteries or a charger, etc and don't have time to wait for mail-order.

    I also got some inside news about copper 680s and colored Treo 680s in general. Copper Treos will return in Cingular livery! In fact, all new colored Treo 680s will be locked to Cingular's network. (and presumably have the new att logo on them) Unlocked Treo 680s will only be available in graphite.

    I really liked the look and feel of the 750. I may have to get one just to have a PPC device in the fold.

    So it does look like Palm's retail will be in boutique like stores rather than the Comp USA/Office Depot type places. Not hateful, though it means an extra trip when one is shopping for computer-related stuff.

    DC folks, snag your unlocked color 680s at Union Station, once they are gone, there won't be any more!
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    well i believe the big box stores have retired from the modern day mobile professional marketing and or product on display because they don't really shop there. To be hones with you most excecutives or mobile professional toys(tools of their trade) are provided for them or even bought by word of mouth from the internet. During my days with BestBuy - ( had to start somehwere right) i saw the transition move from pda to pded(personal digital entertainment devices)like the ipods, zen, rio etc....not realizing with a little time and knowledge the sales rep could have explained that PDA's did the same thing. But hey that what are specialty stores are here for now. Gotta lov it.

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