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    Hello All:
    First let me say the Treo 650 is my first pda phone. I have a pda but i don't use died one too many times erasing all my info. I bought the Treo 650 off the internet. Verizon version. The only thing the phone came with is the batt and stylus. It turns on and I can see the home screen ect. Do I need to install any software on it? Do I need to buy the disc off the internet for my laptop? Also is there anything else, software ect. that I will need. I plan to use it for the calendar and bluetooth functions. Not too keen on paying 44$ mth right now for the internet. I would sincerley appreciate any help I have been searching for over 2 hrs now and have found no answers.......I'm begging to say the least. I don't know where to start.
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    Go to Palm's site. The first thing I would recommend downloading is a user manual. Follow the instructions in there.

    They have some software that you can download to the desktop, which is the Palm Desktop (surprise!). That way, at least you can sync with your computer. You can also get lots of help here.

    If you don't use the internet, however, you will miss out on many of the capabilities of your phone/pda. But that is your business.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for advice....yeah I know I want the internet...but 33 to a corporate phone and another 60 to my personal phone....dang. I will try the Palm site. I looked there but didn't know where to start. Do you think the software for the 700W will work? My coworkers have it and I can get it...just don't want to mess anything up. Thanks again....
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    Choose the right CD form the following list. You might need to put this on a CD to install properly, I do not know.

    Quote Originally Posted by theleetbeagle View Post
    Ack! Looks like the Megaupload Folders link is [temporarily?] broken. Here are direct MU links for each listing.

    sprint 650
    verizon 650
    sprint 700p
    verizon 700p
    unlocked gsm 650
    unlocked gsm 650 mac
    unlocked gsm 680
    cingular 650
    verizon 700w

    jkry, these should work for you.
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    Thanks so much! I will try this...wish me luck. I found a manual...not on the Palm site's actually a Cingular 650 manual but should have all the same specs. Thanks again.
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    elsh, download the proper CD from the links above. Manual *should* be in there. You don't have to burn it to CD first, just install it.

    Too bad you didn't get a Sprint phone, their data plans are so much more affordable. Try to haggle for a better price.
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