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    Recently found myself in the hospital for three days and very happy I had a rich mp3 collection on my SD card. Problem is I only had the crappy treo earbuds. Can someone make a recommendation for nice headphones, preferably under $200, for primary mp3 enjoyment? Don't really have any stores nearby where I can try any. Bluetooth not necessary. thanks
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    Bose Noise Canceling headphones are wonderful. Pricey but worth every penny.
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    Etymotic or shure. For under $200 you can get one of their better products. Either one will have great sound. If I was choosing, it would be the Etymotic er4's, just because I use Etymotic for a while. However, the Shure's e4c's are very nice. Both are available for street prices under $200.
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    Another alternative would be one of the Ultimate Ears models.
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    Shure or Bose headphones

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