In addition. to the preference savings benefits of Reset Doctor, I can now go back and scrutinize the crash log for the offenders. Now I realize that occasionally the Palm OS may misidentify the culprit, but here's what I've got over the past 10 days. Anyone care to keep a running total?

Messaging (SMS) - 3 resets. 2 events with an illegal instruction and 1 with database open message. Usually occurs when I get a long delay/ white screen / background ticking then either message appears after 30-60 secs or Palm splash screen.

Hot Sync - don't recall how this happened

Chatter - 3 events; 2 fatal exception and 1 event queue full

Web - once. "Fatal exception". Again if I remember this was preceded by the long white screen

Resco Backup - 3 times. Always follows the backup and occurs after the DB cache is cleared. In fact, I remember this happening previously even when I didn't have this option checked. This is a mere nuisance as I'm not generally using the T at this time but the loud Verizon sign-on during the reset can be a sleep disruptor.

DateBk 5 - once.