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    Weirdest thing and it's p*ssing me off! Just put unlimited gprs data on my SIM and it keeps giving me an incomplete setup error message. Can anyone figure it out??

    Background info:

    Network: TSTT (Cable & Wireless T&T)
    Phone: palm treo 680

    error message:

    Incomplete setup. Please check your network settings.(0x121A)

    Nobody knows what it means....

    All the technicians I've been to at my GSM provider are stumped and are blaming the phone - which works quite well with every other blasted thing I put on it, plus simply making calls....even done my first hard reset just in case it was software dice. Any advice?
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    Umm..forget it...SUDDENLY it's working...after no technician could help me..I just went into connections and switched it from GPRS to ISDN and it works...AFTER I HARD RESET :|

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