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    Hi guys,

    I recently changed my Google password and it now contains some non-alphanumerics. The problem is - I can't figure out how to get them entered into the password field for the Gmail app. I can enter any character that's actually *on* the keypad - but any extended character (e.g. %, or ^) can't be entered.

    for example, if my password were 1234^^abc, it won't work in the app.

    Does anyone know how to get extended characters into a password field?
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    I found no way to do it; went back to a regular ole password. Ben
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    You can bring up additional characters by hitting the ALT key.
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    isn't it a limitation of being a java app? ie, can't enter extended characters in any java app. Or even the install-via-web-address screen, which is dumb considering the number of addresses that contain underscores... Anyway, I'd love to know, too, if you ever find out

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