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    I turned woke up my phone this morning and the screen said something like "Software you have installed requires a reboot. Click OK to reboot now." And underneath that dialog box was stuff that said "thank you for updating... Sprint..."

    I didn't purposely update anything. I figured Sprint must have forced something on me, and I'm wondering if this happened to other today (Jan 29, 2007).
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    It happen to me last week and it fried my phone.It put it in a contant reset loop.
    Sprint replaced the phone with a new one on wed of last week. I am now having
    Power vision problems that they are working on as I type this. The phone keeps changing networks on it's own. It goes from Highspeed wirerless connection to regular vision conection. The first time I called they tried to tellme that I did it.
    I did a search on the problem on this site and found out that some other people had the same problem.

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