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    Am still working on getting WI-FI going and I’m testing it under different Rom images. I believe there were 3 but not sure. So far I have 1.15 & 1b.17 if their is another Please help me out here. I would also like a copy of the ROM image that was used by Shadowmite if anybody knows what it was. Guessing it was an old Sprint ROM. Also if its not too much to ask, if somebody has a RAM dump of a Sprint CDMA phone with the Wi-Fi working that would be really helpful.

    thanks for your time & attention.
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    Well, there is a current 1.20 ENA ROM for any GSM TReo 650. I do not know about any other Cingular ROM.
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    Thanks but I figured it out and tested that ROM as well. Actually all the ROMs work the same. I was even able to get the 1.17 to work but this is the catch. You can get a connection but you can't surf the web. Shoutcast or possibly the Kenoma player but that’s it. So as far as I’m concerned this driver does not work. I think its really messed up the way Shadowmite never explained that in detail. What is "Rock and Role & figure it out" ? Yeah I figured it out, took me a while too. Thanks for not stressing the details. Well in all fairness he never said he surffed the web he just said he got it to work and technically this is true. But have you ever Notice how nobody said they visited a web page? Well the good thing is I learned Something new so id like to thank Shadowmite and friends for their efforts in paving the way for others to follow.

    BTW I went so far as to strip the ROM Down to the point where the only thing running was the Wi-Fi driver. No Phone, no Bluetooth, no IR. It was stable too. in any case I now know that the fix is in hex editing the driver or possibly a file from the T5. Something is wrong but I’m not sure where in the net library. At this point I would like a RAM Dump from a T5 that was running WI-fi As well as its ROM Image. I don’t know why I’m asking this only westronic is of any assistance but Does anybody know where I can find a T5 emulator?

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    You may want to check with Dimitry. I think he may have a solution that will work in ROM - though he finds that unacceptable. Personally, I would find that very acceptable!

    Thanks for working on this. So close.... and yet so far....

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