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    I'm looking for something along the lines of hcitool, for the palm. Anyone know of any PalmOS bluetooth scanning apps?

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    No takers, eh? Done a lot of searching online but I can't find anything easier. It would be a great app, I wish somebody would write it!

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    you could just act like you are sending a picture with bluetooth that does the same thing as what you want.
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    I've been looking for a similar thing, with some further intelligence, that would make the Treo even more handy.

    If I could apply some intelligence to the bluetooth devices my Treo sees, I could do some neat things, like logging the devices I see, and taking some actions based on that:

    1. I see the bluetooth deskjet in the office next door, I must be at work, so change my Chatopus Gtalk status to "Working, " till I leave.

    2. I see the Polycom BT conference device, I must be in the conference room, so shut off the ringer till I no longer see it.

    3. Send an SMS to the home alarm telling it arm when I leave the house (i.e. when I see, the stop seeing the BT headset adapter for my home stereo in the front room, then I see the car BT handsfree kit). And disarm automatically when I come home.

    I'm sure there are other fun things you could automate with this. I bet a home automation person would have a ball -- it's as if you were carrying an active badge around with you everywhere you went.

    So, if this doesn't exist, can we build it, or sponsor a rent-a-coder to build it?


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