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    Since I'm the guy who walks the screen of his cell phone into the corner of a desk, or drops it out his car, I bought a BoxWave Armor case at the same time I bought my 680. I like the case a lot, it gives great screen and body protection, but the material just feels slippery in my hand. So, while I'm happy the case will protect my Treo if I drop it, I'm also worried the finish on the case could lead me to drop it more often.

    Does anyone know of current or anticipated hard cases that would have a rubberized or "soft touch" finish instead?
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    I've been looking at those, but they don't protect the screen. I've even considered those with a screen protector, but I'm not convinced it would be enough. If they made one of those with a clear flip-open screen protector (hard style), I'd grab one in a minute...
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    this one is supposed to be released in a couple of weeks for the 680.
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    try eGrips for your BoxWave Armor case
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    I second the eGrips motion. I used to put them on a clear case I had for my T3 and it was great.

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