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    When I changed to the 700p I had to upgrade the program to make it work. The upgrade was a free download.
    Thx Perry, I know others are using it. I don't use anything that's not approved for the 700P though.

    Sxtg, Does the upgrade indicate it's for the 700P?
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    Frankly I find their site hard to use. I think my version is 2005. I looked for the V.6 you mentioned, but I couldn't find a reference to any version of the "machine" anywhere on there site. All I could find are the dictionaries themselves. It's possible I just need more patience, but I only have what I have.

    When I log into my account, and then look at "my products", it then allows upgrades to whatever programs are applicable. I believe I learned this by contacting support when I received the 700 and they told me I needed the upgrade for it to be compatible.
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