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    I have looked all over a zillion sites and posts and I'm still not sure. I've tried leather cases (too bulky) and holsters (too geeky except in certain circumstances).

    I had the Seidio rubberized case (...not a skin?) but it broke twice, each time within 2-4 weeks without any trauma. Its like it just developed stress cracks at the lock points and would pop off for no reason. They sent me a second one, so I was way careful with that one, but it finally wouldnt stay on either (again, less than a month). Too bad cause it really looked and felt just wouldn't stay on. now I'm shopping again. I mainly wish the Treo was less slippery. Flat black looks better too. I worry less about dust and water (aint nothin gonna help if it's dunked).

    Are all skins film-like flexible covers or are some hard (like the Seidio rubberized case)? Are they thin enough to allow slip in holster use, or thicker than that?

    I seemed to think of the Seidio Rubberized as a hard case, but even if skins are all flexible:

    - Some seem like they stick on like tape (maybe in several pieces)...and I just see those peeling off or collecting dirt at the edges of each piece. I just dont like the idea of all the seams. I would almost just want just a couple of limited slip side stick-on things to give it grippy sides only if I went this way.

    - Some seem to stretch over the whole treo (with or without various holes for keys or screen). I would trust this kind more if it were all one piece that stretched over it but left the keys and screen open. But does it lose its stretch and get baggy? I assume you would have to take this off to reset or change battery. Again, if its 2 pieces, I dont want to go through the Seidio experience again. I want something that stays on. So are there 1 piece stretchers, and do they stay snug?

    - I just dont see how a skin (as opposed to a case) could provide protection against anything but scrapes, and since I have a Boxwave for the screen and don't want the keys covered...what harm so scratches do other the appearance? I care more about drops shaking up the innards, which I cannot believe a skin would help...maybe even the Seidio rubberized case wouldnt give that much.

    I know many like the naked Treo. I would too if it were less slippery. The screen protector I can see, but will a skin really protect from anything but scratches (which I dont care much about. Hell, they may give it more grip if the sides scuff up a little).

    Trust me, I love my Treo and want whats good for it, but want a minimalistic look and size. I want to protect against the things that are high risk to make it not work...not just to keep it from scratches (that sounds too much like putting a bra on your car...they're usually uglier than squashed bugs and minor paint they scream "Nerd"...wait, am I already a nerd for caring this much about a phone?)

    Forgive the ranting, I just want the perfect product with no downside...yeah, right!
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    so the sticker film like rock blocker for a car and the condom thing
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    so is the condom is a skin or a case?

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