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    Any other apps you have handling incoming calls e.g. ringtone managers like Ringo, call recording software like RecorderX or CallRec etc - I would delete all those and see if it resolves any issues.
    I seriously doubt it has anything to do with 3rd party software. I returned my 680 because of this and Palm returned me a refurb which, out of the box and without a hotsync, froze with the first incoming call.
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    Hey there!

    I'm with Rogers canada and those hangups are occurring a couple times a week. Phone vibrate, I hit the answer buttons, and phone is frozen for 2 minutes.

    I thought it was then I just get the phone out of the pouch I hit a side button just before answering the call...

    My other gripe is with bluetooth, and that even when my earclip is off the phone always send the conversion to bluetooth, even though the prefs are set otherwise.

    Other that that, i'm quite happy with it.
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    This may be a build issue with the Treo 680 and Frankengarnet. I'm located in Hong Kong and my phone (unlocked GSM) simply freezes during an incoming call for no reason and after 30 seconds or more, it will unfreeze again. This is so annoying !!! This never happened to me when I was using my treo 650.

    I also notice a certain lag when switching applications in the main screen and that the phone app has a lag when navigating from different tabs. Anybody also notice this?

    If this problem is not resolved by Palm soon, it is much better for me to use the treo 680 as a pda and have a separate dumb phone.
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    Yes there is a noticeable lag compared with the Treo 650. I have experienced freezing only a couple of times IIANM but that would be very rare since I get like about 20-30 calls a day. I found Ringopro buggy and not Treo 680 compatible. Minitones is better.
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    Actually thinking about it, I do get freezing / lag syndrome when I switch applications too. About 30 seconds I can get anything the beginning it freak me out cause my Treo 600 was so fast. Now I'm just getting used to me. Or course when swiching applications I would have more patience. But while on the phone and I can't answer would be a real test
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    This may be the same problem that the Treo 700p users are experiencing. Remember what Palm mentioned about the cause of the lag? It was because both the treo 700p and 700w has the exact same hardware. However, I am not too sure how similar is the design between the 680 and the 750. Although you can't deny the fact that this may be the same problem.

    I believe that Palm needs to release a firmware upgrade in order to fix this problem.

    << Warning... Rant Ahead.. >>

    This only shows that Garnet OS was never meant to be connected (wifi/cellular) in the first place. And the perpetual license that Palm made is only to avoid paying any royalties to Access. Let's stop fooling ourselves here, they may make incremental updates to the Garnet OS, but I highly doubt that they will make any leaps and bounds to Frankengarnet (they needed almost a year to fix the 700p problem. And the users needed to write an open letter before they admit that there was something wrong with the 700p, wtf does that shows you?).

    Also, remember that the Palm die-hard fans are not the primary customers Palm wants to focus on. They want to get to the average joe/jane that knows nothing or little about their products.

    And what the big bs about Palm is a mobile computing company? You're a company the sells smartphones !!! You are in direct competition with Nokia, Moto, Samsung, HTC, Dopod, etc ! Wake up will yah ! If you keep denying that you are not in competition with them, now wonder you're still where you are after all this time.

    Sorry for the rant, just frustrated that my 680 froze again this morning. Thanks a lot Palm, you really make good examples on how NOT make a great products.

    << ... End Rant... >>
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