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    I have a Cingular-branded 680 with no third-party apps. I did the camera patch via hotsync and that's it. Every 5th or so incoming call that comes in, the phone will start to ring, then reboot. The caller hears the full cycle of rings before going to voicemail. I have the 3G Fireball Cingular SIM card. I've reseated it to make sure it's aligned properly - and of course it is, since it sits in a tray.

    It is absolutely unacceptable that a phone crashes when it attempts to perform its primary function.
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    What is interesting to me is that I had no phone call freezes from Dec 6th until the day I did the Camera Patch 1 week ago. However I don't think the Camera Patch is the issues as I have tried a phone w/o no apps or camera patch installed and it hangs during calls so "something" changed somewhere IMO.

    I dont remember anyone reporting this problem back in Dec.
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    Is it even possible for there to be network issues that only affect a specific phone? My wife's Razr hasn't had any problems and she's on the Cingular network with me. From what I've heard so far, it only seems like 680 users are experiencing this issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kryichek View Post
    I dont remember anyone reporting this problem back in Dec.
    The friend I mentioned in my previous post has had the freezes during phone calls or when receiving a call almost right from the start (i.e. mid december), long before the Camera patch was released...

    Let's hope that Palm is aware of that problem and that they'll come up with another patch, or better yet, a whole ROM reflash with those fixes and some additional improvements (like putting the call duration again in the call logs, or the "disconnect" menu entry back into Blazer, and fixing those damned accented characters popup lists when using the "Alt" key which is worse than on the 600 or 650).
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    I have used my 680 (phone patch removed in San Antonio with all sorts of weird software restored from my 650) all day with zero problems at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matt310 View Post
    I have a Cingular-branded 680 with no third-party apps. I did the camera patch via hotsync and that's it. Every 5th or so incoming call that comes in, the phone will start to ring, then reboot. The caller hears the full cycle of rings before going to voicemail. I have the 3G Fireball Cingular SIM card. I've reseated it to make sure it's aligned properly - and of course it is, since it sits in a tray.

    It is absolutely unacceptable that a phone crashes when it attempts to perform its primary function.
    My problems seem to happen after I dropped my phone. Try a couple of layers of scotch tape on the back of the Sim, and trim it around the edges of the Sim with very sharp scissors. It worked for me, even when I drop the phone.
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    Interesting thoughts. So maybe the sim is moving around in the tray. I have added a couple of layers of scotch tape behind my sim to push it down more. I hope it helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by euroclie View Post
    ... where the Treo would freeze for 30 to 60 seconds when trying to dial a favorite, or answer to an incoming call. It doesnt happen systematically ... So I'd venture it's not a carrier-specific problem...
    I seem to have my unlocked phone (on Rogers Canada) freeze up fairly regularly if I initiate a specific speed dial favorite (my wife's to boot!). It will dial and connect, but the screen will not change, I cannot hangup or switch to another screen. And then 30 - 60 seconds later the queued up key sequences (e.g. home, calendar, mail, etc.) will be processed. When this happens, the only way I can abort the call is to yank the battery.

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    I'm south of San Antonio in the Rio Grande Valley and I had the same issue with my wife's 680. When I went to the store to get it exchanged I didn't even get a chance to say what was wrong with it. They already knew! EVERY other 680 they had sold had already come back for the very same reason. The sales girl was very upset at the Treo and said it was a "problematic" phone. I now have 2 (had another I hadn't even opened yet) brand new in box, never opened, treo 680's about to go on ebay.
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    I have a Treo 680 GSM unlock using Cingular service around the metropolitan San Antonio, TX area. My GSM unlock phone freezes sometimes (really not very often) Ė BUT not as much as a Cingular Treo 680 on the our same account. Our Cingular Treo 680 freezes a lot. I use PalmaryClockWireless v.1.1.1, ON THE GSM UNLOCK, to set my time & date - and have the Treoís system Preferences for Date and Time set to do nothing. Weíre going to set the Cingular Treo 680 to do Nothing in the Time and Date Preferences to see if that helps to reduce the freezing during a call. We donít yet have the PalmaryClockWireless v.1.1.1 application on the Cingular Treo 680 but if this works it will be added. Iíve been trying to think of what is different between our two Treo 680 one is from Cingular and the other is GSM UNLOCK with Cingular service. Maybe the Time & Date thing is the problem - going to do some testing.
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    with PalmaryClockWireless v.1.1.1 you can set your time & date via internet sync with the atomic clocks. FYI
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    I believe that a device like this (unlocked GSM 680) should be expected to almost NEVER freeze up when used simply out of the box with zero added software to cause conflicts. It is inexcusable for a quality designed phone that costs this much to be so problem prone. It's a bad value. There are far too many people indicating this problem with their posts. Palm is dreaming if they think that this device is going to be their entry-level "everyman" smart device for the masses. Percentage wise, these glitches are going to turn a LOT more people off to Palm rather than on to them. It's very sad to say this.

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    True, there should be no problems out of the box. But other wise the Treo 680 is really cool i.e. supports 4 GB SDHC expansion card (i don't think any of the other Treo's can do this), I have TomTom Navigator 6 with USA and Canada working great with the 4 GB SDHC expnsion card - I did have to do some modifications see: for making Navigator work with Treo 680 - it works great on the 4 GB SDHC card.
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    I'm in Missouri. I've had my 680 for 2 months. Have had a Palm since the Personal in 1997 or so. Personal>Pro>IIIx>IIIc>Vx>TT>T3>680.

    I've had a few different kinds of freezes/crashes.

    1. A few times, with phone on, I'm not able to initiate a call with either Contacts or Favorites. I select an item with the Center key, and nothing happens. 30 seconds or more later, it finally responds to the keypresses and initiates the call. Huge lag. I'd say this has happened to me 5 or 6 times in the past 2 months.

    2. I've had exactly 2 freezes while on a call. Both times happened earlier this week, while I was on a biz trip in Indy. I broke my Dell laptop's keyboard, so was calling Dell Tech Support to setup the overnight parts/service call. 2 different times, on the same day, while calling Dell's 1-800 #, the Call Status screen froze. One time the duration indicator stopped at 1:31, the other time at 1:42. Both times, the call stayed active...I talked to Dell Tech Support for another 10 or 15 minutes. But during the call, the phone was completely frozen (screen and all buttons, including Red hangup). After Dell hung up, the 680 was still frozen. Removed the battery, and all was fine, and I was not able to replicate the issue (but have not called back to the same 1-800 # again). Also, I run Reset Doctor from Hobbyist, and the Crash Log from these events said:

    --System Crash--
    9:51 am
    While running Phone

    Line:64,Invalid card#"

    I don't know what that means. I'm running the updated camera.prc (loaded it the night it came out) and several background apps (ZLauncher; Butler; Phone Technician; KeyCaps650; etc)

    3. Also have had occasional resets when powering the phone on or off. I hold down the red key, and suddely I'm seeing the Palm splash screen. Has happened 7 or 8 times in 8 months.

    4. I've also seen some really random crashes. Yesterday, for example, the 680 was lying on a table, untouched for 2 hours, phone Off. My 2 year old son picked it up, and hit some buttons as if he were playing a handheld game (he likes buttons on remote controls, etc). As I retrieved the 680 from him, I saw that the splash screen was visible, indicating it had just reset itself. Reset Doctor's crash log for this event says:

    --System Crash--
    12:35 pm

    "Windows68k.c,Line:86, No
    shadow window found"

    Looking back in the crash log, I see one other similarly-named event, on 1/29/07. I don't remember what happened that time.

    I have 2 other entries in Reset Doctor's crash log in the past week, both of them Fatal Exceptions while running Opera Mini.

    In summary, I really love this device (I'd say it's my favorite electronic item ever). The phone definitely has the best call quality and signal strength of any I've tried. And I want to tell everyone that it's stable, especially compared to what I had read about earlier Treos. Their instability was what kept me using a separate Palm and standalone phone up until the 680...I just figured Palm had finally figured out the Treo since the 680 was simply an updated 650 without the stubby antenna. And I'm keeping it, but would love for it to be more stable. According to Reset Doctor, I've had exactly 6 crashes in the past 7 days, all of the type described above. The most inconvenient were when the device froze while I was talking on it, since I needed to retrieve Dell Service Tag info from Memos but was unable to.
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    Oh, by the way, my 680 is the unlocked version purchased directly from Palm.
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    Have you seen this:

    The only crashes I've had are playing with operamini, other than that mines been pretty stable. I use 32k blocks and 1 Meg of memory for it in settings. I also found it works better if I use menu - exit instead of just hitting a hard button.
    French Pre3, UK Pre2, US Veer, German gsm Pre, 680, garmin ique 3600 & still have my working palm pilot 1000 with the 1 Mb adapter

    Please remove UberCalendar and google sync behavior patches prior to system updates.
    patch Google calendar sync behavior for 2.x.x and TouchPad (Oauth2 and advanced sync requirements enabled)
    Preference guide for MetaView's UberCalendar patch
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    I've found that turning off GPRS has reduced the number of lockups i've had have reduced. I've been using GPRS for MS Active Sync on Versamail, so it's a shame to have to turn that off.
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    I'm in the SA area, with Cingular supplied phone. Didn't start freezing until after camera update. No other new software since then. Traveled to Midland last week and experienced freeze up there as well. Did I miss the post on how to unload camera update? Can someone give instructions?
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    Thank you. I had not seen that. Doesn't describe my exact issue, though, since the 3rd-to-last paragraph says:

    "Treo will return to normal behavior after you hang up the toll-free call."

    Mine was totally frozen. Had to remove the battery to use the device again. I probably had an issue related to this, for sure, but only time will tell. Hopefully I won't be calling that same Dell Tech # anytime soon.
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    I think the Date and Time preference may be causing freezing problem. We changed it from automatic update to Do Nothing. We use a calander application, PalmaryClockWireless v.1.1.1, to sync with atomic clocks. My Treo 680 has froze only a handful of times over the past month. Also consider a application called Stop Dim to keep the Treo's Palm OS from dimming the screen during a call.
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