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    Ok so i just got the 700p and i want to purchase a app. The sport training one. Can i purchase this on my phone or do i need to download it to my computer at home. Not sure if i need something to unzip it or not. I am traveling right now and wont be home for sometime. I was just worrying that if i ever had to return the phone and get a new one that i would lose the app. Not sure how they work will be my first time buying an app. Also does anyone use this app and should i bundle it with the diet one I can get them at a discount together on handango. Thx
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    If you can buy this app "over the air" go ahead. In the event that you would have to hard reset you Treo before being able to Hot Sync -- yes -- you would lose the app and not be able to restore it from your PC -- but you should be able to contact the company and re-download -- you will not "lose" your purchase price.

    I cannot help on the having used it before -- a discount for a purchase of two titles never hurts -- as long as you want both titles. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thx Perry...I will try to purchase it tonight. Why would i ever have to hard reset?? LOL JK!!! So far im pretty happy with the 700p just the text messaging freezing up after i send but i see they are working on that.

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