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    Hi all,

    I have been in a love hate relationship with Treo since the 180..

    Is it me or has this vital functionality dissapeared..

    While on calls I just realised that I can't access any other applications.. Or have I missed something?
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    try pushing the home button...
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    I don't think you are missing a thing. Basically, you just stand idle beside the Treo until the call has been completed.
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    Just kidding.
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    I'm not sure how you could use the phone for 5 minutes and not realize you can hit the Home button during a phone call and do whatever.... Do it via speakerphone, headset, or tell the caller to wait a second while you look something up.

    Although one cute thing to be aware of; I've had dumb programs that sent DTMF every number key I hit while on a call while outside of the phone app. That was great fun. The numbers went through into the application (such as searching for a phone number) but yikes. I forget what was doing it.

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