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    Is there any program that enables me to use my hotmail account? I can't afford 2 switch emails right now. If there is a program can someone walk me through how 2 set it up through like Snapper or Chatter. I'm not to savy with that stuff
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    It is handled by a couple of applications; one in particular that hits the memory core is

    Neither Snappermail or ChatterEmail will handle Hotmail.

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    Corsoft has something as well.
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    Yep and I again tried to download it with Seamonkey without success, though I did watch their presentation. I guess I will have to try it next with IE. Last time I tried it I had reset problems. I look forward to looking at the device based filtering.

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    dou you have to have the premium or legacy account to use coresoft or will this pull you email from hotmail without pop3 access

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