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    thought i should point out that on, a reader relayed from a Palm Inc. rep that we should expect a MacOS X (carbonized) version of Palm Desktop around May. yay!

    course i'm always skeptical with these release dates (remember how long it took 2.0 to actually get released), but the more i hear about companies confirming porting their apps over the more i know hope is not lost for a steady OS X migration

    hopefully handspring wont be too far behind with native USB drivers....

    the reader report is somewhere buried in here:
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    I am certainly looking forward to a native Palm Desktop for X. I wonder how the conduit thing will work?

    1) Will people have to rewrite conduits and their desktop software for the X version .
    2) "Classic" conduits will work with Palm Desktop X and will work with the app regardless if its OSX native or in the Classic enviroment.

    I read elsewhere that the OSX version is suppose to be out in May.
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