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    Since Palm has released an Exchange sync update for VersaMail is it now the better choice? I have been using Chatter Email for a while now and I love it but I do have concerns about battery drain when using it. VersaMail now has an "as items arrive" option wheras on Chatter I set the time interval. I wonder which will use less power? Anyone experimented yet?
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    If you have Chatter setup with push email on an IDLE IMAP account and tweak the power options, your battery drain should be pretty small. This is what I found out on my old 700p before I moved to a wx. If you have it manually polling a mailbox every x amount of minutes, its going to hurt your battery life.
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    based on my VERY limited experience with the update (2 hours) it seemed to cause random resets. I was hoping it would be usable and less of a power hog than Chatter. I was using it with a personal exchange account from mail2web. It seemed like in the period I was using it, that it reset randomly when I was receiving push mails. I like the stability of the 680, so I disabled it.


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    I updated my Versamail, set it to update as received. I sent an e-mail to my work server, and the phone updated within a minute. So far, so good.
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    It's Versafail after all. Maybe they got it right, but I'll stick with what I know works-Chatter- for now. Maybe if I need PIM sync later, I'll take another look.
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    Well, it is nice to know there is now ONE option for push email that I wouldn't have to buy a third party program for.

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