this thing has been buggung me for ages. I was so happy about using "jot", being a proper graffiti fetishist.
blazer was always crashing on 1st launch. as soon as i would launch blazer and try anything, my treo restarted. after that i was able to relaunch the browser and browse away to my hearts content. i sort of got used to it.
after getting to know that not very many users are experiencing this problem, i was sure that some program is biting blazer, but i was too lazy to go through all sorts of combinations, until one fine day i thought of removing jot and then using blazer. good intuition, blazer blazed away and no crash occured :- )
so whatever version of jot i was using, didnt like blazer. the original blazer and also the life drive blazer behaved in the same manner.
now i am using MobileWrite and still enjoy the pleasures of grafitti.
and i am making do with whatever browsing pleasure blazer is capable of obliging us with.