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    i dont want to have to go to different places to order tehm. i am cheap hehe

    and maybe a film that covers the body too
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    Nope. If you want something "good", you'll need:

    Screen Protectors:
    BoxWave ClearTouch or Martin Fields

    Body Film:

    Silicone Skin Case:
    If you've never used these before, you're gonna have to try a couple to see what kind you like. I've tried JavoEdge, BoxWave, Seidio and Palm branded skin cases and I prefer the JavoEdge and Palm branded Flexi-Skins because they're not too grippy and they work well with the BestSkinsEver (BSE). Seidio's "Premium Skin" was way too grippy. I think it was made of rubber.
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    thanks ill just pay shipping from all of them

    oh well it was worth a post
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    You can get great screen protectors AND skins from Boxwave if you don't mind the keyboard being exposed.
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    Boxwave treo armor case is great..if you want skin as tough as a rhinoceros's
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    By the time you do it via the Internet, it may be as cheap to go to CompUSA - that is what I did for both. Ben
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    thanks ill check there on lunch tommorow

    the places i went didnt have them in stock

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