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    Just encountered a new issue today I've never seen before...

    My 680 was charged overnight last night, the radio was off, and I never turned it on or used it today (so the charge should have been at around 90%).

    Then this evening as I was heading out I took the 680 and tried to turn it on. Nada. No phone, no palm, no screen... I connected the charger and still couldn't even get the screen to come on. A beautiful dead copper paperweight. Couldn't reset it or anything; pulling out and replacing the battery made no difference.

    So after repeated attempts of letting sit without the battery for a minute and trying to replace it to reset and start it up with the charger, etc, the Treo FINALLY came back to life with only a 1% charge and the "Extremely Low Battery" warning. So I'm guessing it must have needed to build up enough of a charge to come back to life.

    Does anyone have a clue as to what could have have made the battery spontaneously discharge to nothing like that? Anyone else ever see that behavior on their Treo?
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    My Palm m505 crapped out on me, so I bought a new TX. The TX is one of Palm's latest and greatest, but it discharged itself dead 3 times in 2 weeks, so I took it back. Perhaps the "latest and greatest" Palm technology has issues.

    I am now thinking about switching from a Treo 750 to a 680. Can't stand having no useful organizer/planner/notepad. So will this dead battery curse keep contunung then?

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